Lake of fortune

– Well, this is like a fairy tale! – I was popping out my eyes looking at tiny houses. And in the middle was a small church, a bench under a lime tree, meadows and fields around... – How come all the world and his wife was there? And they were working hard indeed! Some of them were singing tunes while working, others were chilling out in the shade. Tranquillity and goodwill everywhere around. And skylarks were singing, a stream was gurgling, meandering round wild roses under the waterside. – It look like I`ve chosen the best possible direction – to the country of happiness...! – I said to myself and quickened my pace. At that moment I came across a stout farmer round the curve near the forest. A hat on his head, with a windswept face, with his moustache curved upwardly... He was walking by his clattering waggon drawn contentedly by a couple of horses. – Woof, woof, a very good day to you, farmer! – I duly greeted him as it`s becoming for a well-mannered dachshund. – Where is this road leading? Possibly to some blessed country – I was acting smart – ... because I haven`t seen poverty here! – – You`re right indeed, dear dog, you`re walking in the right direction. Still, you have to cover much distance to get to the empire of powerful Rudohor. Only there will you see abundance of everything! He`s been hiding vast fortune deep underground, but mainly in the lake! That contains a lot of treasures – gold, silver, gems ... there are so many of them in the place that they stick out of the surface of the water. And what about poor fish? – I thought they may not have enough space for swimming amongst scores of treasures. But the fish are gold too! – –Cor! – I cried exclaimed astonishment, wagging my tail at the farmer to say goodbye. I don`t need gold or silver at all, but I must see that wonder! – Don`t forget! – the farmer cried out at me over his shoulder . – You have to cross many a stream, clamber to to the top of that hunched hill called Radzim, get around mount Železník, which seems to be endless, and only then will you see a small village lying in the midst of a forest, which has been called Veľká Slavoška since time indefinite, and find yourself at the lake of fortune. Thanks, thank you! I`ll follow your advice, a good man, woof, woof! – hardly had I said goodbye when I ran after the wonder. All of a sudden I caught sight of a hill which had a strange shape. It didn`t seem big from distance, but as I was getting closer it was growing bigger, more majestic. I was rather tired, but I somehow arrived at the lake at last. The farmer had been right. The jewels were glistening from under its surface; everybody could take as much as they wished. A young lad would peel off some gold, an old woman would pick up a shining stone, and a father, together with his wife and a flock of kids were picking tiny grains from the shore. They didn`t rush since Rudohor was generous to those who were satisfied with little. He also had his guard – everyone knew Klingáč – still, he didn`t even had to deal with good-for-nothings. There were no greedy hoarders, taking what didn`t belong to them... Until a beautiful girl came to the lake. They called her a golden-haired girl. Her body shivered the moment she looked at that beauty: – To have everything only for myself! – she even suffered from blurred vision for a while due to such fortune. She went to see Klingáč right away. And because he had never seen a more beautiful girl before, and he found her nice and likeable, he was willing to fulfil anything he could see in her eyes, her every wish. – Dear Klingáč! You are strong, wise, and clever... – Zlatava was flattering him – what if we loaded up the waggons with the lot? – – Why?! – He`d never even thought about it. However, the girl quickly persuaded the young man that if they got Rudohor`s treasures, they would be the richest people in the world. – How smart and shrewd you are, dear Zlatava. Why should it be lying here forever to no purpose whatsoever. The water might even cloud unnecessarily... – he readily consented and proceeded to fish the fortune out of the lake. He was struggling so hard that he was sweating buckets. Zlatava, without saying goodbye to her kin, planned to go as far from Rudohor as possible. Together with dear Klingáč, full barrels, weighing the waggons down with the load, breaking the wheel axles... Out of the blue there was the flash of lightning, the roll of thunder! The ground moved, waters shot up high and waves were rocking to and fro. And there was also the jangling sound, the clattering of gold, silver and copper treasures. All the gems and diamonds – like those flashes of lightning – radiating sparkling rays to the sky.       * After a while there was complete silence everywhere. I couldn`t believe my eyes: – Where has the lake and all those treasures disappeared, where is the beautiful girl loading them in barrels a short while ago? – I jumped down from the rock not to be hit by a wave and clung tightly to a strong trunk. I was utterly speechless and motionless, standing there with my hairs up, my little tail trembling. – Uuuuh, uuuuh...! – I whined and howled. Not because of fear, rather because of amazement. Hopefully, someone will reply...?! – Zlatava! Zlatava! Where are you?! – I heard a call from distance. From behind a great rock, I don`t have a clue where it had come from, it was simply there all of a sudden, right in the place where the surface of the lake had been shimmering before, came out unhappy Klingáč. He was roving spiritless... Suddenly there was one more flash in the sky. And a thundering voice rumbled from behind the mountain: – I am the master here! I, Rudohor! I am the eternal Master of masters, the Lord of lords! Just remember, the unfaithful and disloyal guard, I`ve punished Zlatava for her greed and you for your betrayal.  You`ll be searching for her forever...!!! Ha, ha, ha! – the roar of laughter could be heard everywhere  around. – Forgive me, my lord, my master, forgive me! Me and Zlatava. Just tell where to find her?! How can I make up for what has been done?! – Klingáč was crying to the night sky. – Search for her at the earth depths. She`s there with what she loved most. With fortune! Search for her, s e e a a a r ch...! – the voice was dying down somewhere from behind Radzim and over small houses of the fear-stricken village Slavoška. It finally died away in deep forests of Železník. The country was even more silent then. The glitter and fame of the fortune had vanished once and for all. And I – poor Taši – had a feeling that within a second the blessed country had changed into the enchanted empire... But Klingáč didn`t give up. He would toil with the large stones as if trying to turn over the whole earth. And with each lifted stone a stream of water would spring up. And each one would flow down, even rush towards Slavoška below. And the moon? It lit the stars in the sky so they were illuminating my way. So that I would by no means get lost when pursuing yet another adventure.   I was walking silently under the night sky, I didn`t bark once not to disturb the night. Suddenly the moon and the stars stopped shining!  – Where have you gone?! – I was turning around in vain, they weren`t there! – This must be some kind of magic! Could this be a road to hell? – I tell you, I was beside myself... Although I felt fear, I kept on walking, but not for long. I tripped on a stone. It was cold and wet, but I sat down on it. Just for a while I thought... however the sleep overcame me. Someone tugged at me little tail. – What are you doing here, poor dog trembling with cold? – some nice voice is talking to me and somebody`s kind hinds are taking me to arms. – You must have got lost when you`re in the Slavošovce tunnel! Fortunately, we pass by from time to time under Homôľka when we go on a trip to the Revúca valley and we want to take a short cut… And where are you going?        I am going home to Krásna Hôrka! – I reply without a single hesitation. – Ah, you are some tourist! Come, we have to return! This side we go to the valley to the river Slaná, where Joseph`s mill used to stand once... What would you say, would you like the idea of guarding the mill? – somebody asked, but didn`t wait for an answer indeed! – Don`t worry, we`ll be out in a second... – and really, after a while we were out in the warm sun. Only then did I see who was accompanying me out of the tunnel – three smiling boys. – Well, I`d slept for pretty long! I just had no idea that it was so deep underground. –  But the boys didn`t have time for dog`s tales. They scratched me behind my ears and vanished without a trace. *** – By the way, why was I so easily frightened by that tunnel, the stars don`t shine in the secret corridor leading to the castle either... – I didn`t even finish contemplating and I was standing right in the middle of that corridor. – What now? – I was thinking – To continue, or to get back? – I even turned, intending to explore the tunnel under Homôľka, but the dog`s brain was overwhelmed by my empty stomach and I decided for the secret chamber. I`m not going to hide this from you... I stuffed myself and headed directly for the burrow in order to snatch some sleep... – If only I was dreaming about that sweet river, how did the boys from Slavošovce call it... maybe salty? Or could it be sour? … And what were they saying about that Joseph`s mill? – I was half asleep… dozing off… when the memory opened my eyes: – A lovely little picture in a cracked frame! – where did I see it? I sniffed all the corners and finally found it hidden behind the chest. My eyes popped out, nearly falling out, there`s a wooden hut with a big wheel next to it standing by the swift stream... with the water flowing through that mill wheel! – This must definitely be that Joseph`s mill! – No sooner had I uttered last word than I happened to be on the bank of the river.















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