Taši in Medzev

The town was half empty... there were only small boys running here and there, poking little iron carts – old hoops from barrels... Other would kick a rag-ball, with shreds sticking out after numberless kicks. Rattling carts were rolling downhill and after them a bunch of kids – shrieking, laughing... I`d love to run after the ball, I would possibly have jumped through the hurtling hoops, but it was too hot, so I sat down on my hind paws to rest in the shade. I nestled under the tree standing next to stone steps rising to a small shop. Small housewives would walk past me with baskets covered with white cloth. Some of them would even address me, they may have offered me some delicacies, but I didn`t understand a single word of what they were saying. At noon – the tower bell was just tolling – a tall man appeared in front of the shop, reportedly a merchant. He threw some bones to me and after a while he brought a bowl with water... Well, I duly thanked him: – Woof, woof, dear sir, thank you, I did me good. Indeed, I was starving and thirsty. – – Where are you going, are you going to wander around the world? – he smiled and settled next to me on the table. – Or have you got lost? – and he handed me a kind of treat, every mouthful of which I savoured. – If I told you everything, you wouldn`t believe me anyway, so I`m only going to tell you that my name is Taši..., a dachshund Taši. – – Really? – he said surprised, and he was obviously glad. – So you are from my region then. Our noble earls used to have a dachshund too, and his name was very similar to yours – Tascherl. But he was much, much older than you! – – Wooof..., I know him very well, he`s my great-granduncle! – I said proudly. – For many, many eyars he`s been standing on the stone pedestal in the park not far from the Krásna Hôrka castle. You know it there if you`re from that place... – I remarked importantly, like an adult. We were just sitting there, chatting. I was really glad that I could understand this merchant. I was about to move on when I realised that I didn`t even know where I was and what language these people were speaking... – Taši, you really don`t know, you are in Medzev? Very famous and proud town! It`s full of skilful and diligent craftsmen whose ancestors had come here in ancient times from some Fleming regions. You don`t understand them, as they`re speaking their German dialect, the Mantak dialect. I was so much astonished that I even forgot to close my little mouth. My fellow countryman stood up suddenly and headed for the shop as he had much work to do there. And he said over his shoulder: – Come over in the evening Taši, I`ll feed you, you`ll get some nice water too – it`s been precious here for ages. Moreover, I`ll tell you a tale why Medzev is called Medzev. – – May the evening come fast! – out of sheer curiosity I got stuck on the spot, I was motionless. Suddenly his head would stick out of the shop doors: – And you behave yourself! No woofing, no barking, no chasing children in the streets... You should rather have a look at yards, what`s happening in the Medzev sheds and workrooms... – and he vanished. I proceeded to go through the town, carefully walking on rounded stones – large rounded stones. The clang of heavy hammers could be heard from yards, and from sheds, workrooms and forges there were sweaty, apparently mighty craftsmen in ling leather aprons. With large hammers and tongs in their hands. And what do they smell of... perhaps iron and fire? There are brand new shovels, spades, hoes and other iron tools piling in the yards. Everything is prepared for sale. Something will be certainly sold at the markets and fairs in the surroundings, something will end in the far world... Elsewhere one can see nice decorative gates, with bars intertwined in many different ways – also made of iron. – Where did I see something like that?! – I was thinking deeply, hammering away at that point, as it were, like blacksmith craftsmen hammering in their forges... – I know! The park in which uncle Tascherl protects the sleep of his beloved masters, it`s surrounded by such fence...! – As the evening was approaching I also met miners smeared with dirt as they were shuffling their feet and nearly dropping with fatigue. The sight almost scared me off as only white eyes were shining from black faces. It saddened me that they had to work so hard – at dangerous depths of the earth, in the iron mine – but if it wasn`t for them, from what would craftsmen make those useful tools? People need these tools! I can truly tell that I was relieved when I noticed my fellow countryman in the shop doors... – I`ve been watching for you! If you haven`t got lost in this strange world, or, never may that happen, fallen into the river Bodva. For it`s wild, dangerous! – the well-meaning shop owner explained while shutting heavy iron doors. He put a tin bowl with water at the steps, and in the other bowl there was a delicacy prepared for me after lunch. Then, utterly weary, he sat down on the last step and started caressing my worn out dog back. Here and there he would also tickle and rub my ears. I thought to myself:  – Ah, not even in the God`s basket – that`s what they say in the Gemer region – would I fell better! – While we were relaxing there, he suddenly remembered having made a promise to tell me the tale about Medzev. – Do you really want to hear it...? – he asked but didn`t even wait for an answer. He would only talk quietly as it was getting completely dark: – Long ago there was a frightful and dangerous beast rampaging throughout the region. Dragon! It would feed on young girls that he would catch and kill, and eat. No one was able to chase it off, or kill it. One day a brave and prudent woman moved to the town. Her name was Metzen. As others before, she`d also come from the Fleming regions. Pretty soon she found out what was happening, what misfortune had befallen many a young girl. She came up with the idea of making a heavy iron doll, dressing it in the same clothes as the young girls had worn, and putting it in front of the dragon`s lair. And so it happened. When the dragon saw the fancy „girl“ it hurled at the girl and ate „her“ with great appetite. But „she“ was not from flesh and blood but made of iron. This did the dragon such harm that it would die before long and let its soul out – well, if it`d had any. All the people were profusely grateful to the strange woman, so they named the settlement after her – Metzen – Medzev. – I was listening so intently that I was barely breathing. Then it flashed through my mind! The iron doll was in my secret chamber... and I`d thought it was made of lead! – I tapped my paw on the centre of my forehead; my mysterious wandering to Medzev was crystal clear instantly. That`s magic! The shop owner was not there all of a sudden and my travel back was very simple. I found myself on the threshold of the secret corridor which once again led me safely back to my even more secret chamber. I`d love to take a nap..., along with a nice fairy tale... – before I stopped dreaming... Where was I now?














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