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Taši´s travelling-booklet for backpackers


Friends, can you guess who is the most suitable candidate to give you any advice to how to survive a great family adventure at ease? Well, surely me, Taši the dachshund – a great adventurer and traveller. I have already travelled a lot and I have got adventures galore! Many of my children friends told me about their travelling experience, so here are my tips how to enjoy a family trip. Mainly how to circle around the country at ease and to return home cheerfully.

On foot or by a carriage?

I have already travelled quite enough, but most of the time on foot, or by a carriage, but there are many possibilities today how to get from one end of the fairy-tale kingdom to the other.

I learned from children that they travel the most often with their parents by car, by train or by bus and they are able to do shorter trip also on bikes or on foot.

It all depends on how we would like to enjoy it.


TRAIN – a popular means of travel for many children, it hoots, huffs and puffs, magnificently dawdles along the country and you can get beautifully frolic there, stretch yourself well and you don´t need to sit all the time. Your mummy and daddy can also enjoy the trip. And they maybe run through the carriage to catch a little fidget.


CAR – quick and clever machine, that can get you to places which are not accessible by the train. We can pack a huge amount of things there, we don´t need to rely on the timetable. But sitting on one place for a long time can be for little children - fidgety lizards a very hard thing to do. Therefore we have to choose a suitable, comfortable and safe “throne” for the young traveller up to 12 years, or to provide some sunscreens on the windows against the nosy sun.


BICYCLE – it is enough to only have two wheels and set out to see the whole world merrily. I recommend it for short distances or if you discover a cycling trail on the Tašiland map. If such cycling trail is too far away from your house through the nature, it could help to arrive to the nearest village by car or train. Cars are very mighty machines; they can carry your two-wheel darling easily on the grid. If travelling by a train, there are some wagons meant for it. Travelling by a bike is very nice, you can breathe some fresh air, you can go wherever you want to and get close to the woods, rocks and nature. Your eyes can feast, your legs can work. Of course a safe and fitting helmet is a must, even knights were not ashamed to wear them and protect their precious heads.


ON FOOT – sometimes there is simply nothing better than your own legs. You put your backpack on; take to your heels, and gooooooooo! Almost like me. When wandering about the country, you surely will be able to live your own fairy-tale. If you can silently listen, little dicky birds will certainly twitter along the way. And for the ones who haven´t got such good claws as I do, don´t forget to wear good shoes!


Something for your tummy, hands and well-being…


They always pack dumplings with poppy seeds for journeys in fairy-tales, however I shall tell you from my own experience that I get usually a bit sleepy after dumplings and poppy seeds. But it is fine to have a sweet tooth, mainly to recharge your energy. I would recommend packing in a light, healthy food – fruit, vegetables, biscuits and mainly a bottle of a drink. But not the sparkling one or the one too sweet. Your teeth and maybe your tummy would suffer.


A little tourist should know that the weather in wide open space can be unstable. Therefore apart from suitable clothes, don´t forget a rain coat, sun glasses, a hat or a cap. A small torch as well as insect repellent could be useful. Remind your mummy not to forget to take the first-aid kit box too.

Don´t forget your home fragrance – a little pillow or a favourite toy e.g. a cuddly dachshund to fall asleep with, travel games, magazines, books, Taši colouring books, crayons, good music and of course, a good mood.  

How to entertain yourself on journeys across country?

Instructions how not to disturb your daddy or mummy when driving, how not to get on your siblings´ nerves (as well as yours).


TAŠIPHONE A little traveller shall make up a short story, for example about my adventure and whisper it to his/her travelling companion, the second one to the third one, the third one to the forth one etc., until all of them have heard it. The last one to hear the story shall tell it out loud, trying to repeat the most precisely what was whispered into his/her little ear. The point is that when few people retell the same story, some things are left out of the story, some are added or some are totally changed and the final story shall surely make you laugh, put you in a good mood and a new probably gripping story shall be a result.



The first thing to do when travelling is of course to get packed. And if the suitcase a big one, everybody can pack something for themselves. So for example if mummy as the most important family packer starts saying a formula: „We are going for a trip to the Tašíland and we shall pack.....for the journey“ and adds an item, that she would pack e.g. a map of the Gemer-Abov Territory. Another member of the expedition shall prepare his/her item and repeat the whole formula „We are going for a trip to the Tašíland and we shall pack a map of the Gemer-Abov Territory and a cuddly doggy for the journey“ and so on, every member of the expedition shall repeat what is already in the suitcase and add something of his/her own. The last one´s suitcase is the heaviest and he/she has to repeat all the items that are already in, whereas he/she may neither make a mistake nor omit anything. Well what kind of travelling would that be, if something is missing...



Can you guess what your daddy or possibly your mischievous little brother is thinking of? Try a part of a fortune-teller and try to guess his thoughts by a series of questions: „Is it moving?, „Is it green?“ and answers  „Yes“ and „No“ only, to reveal his/her thoughts. But make sure that your answers are the true ones, otherwise you can confuse the others quite a lot...which could be a lot of fun after all.



One member of a crew – a little singing dicky-bird – starts the famous song tune and the others try to guess as soon as possible what song it is. Who finds out first wins and can sing another song.


It is a game for clever children already familiar with the alphabet. One member of an expedition chooses one side of the road and the other one the left side of the road. Everyone searches the names of villages, cities from A to Z order. The one that succeeds to do it as the first one is the winner!



Your mummy or daddy shall have a look at the map of Tašiland and find a town, a village, a river etc. there and say a Taši fairy-tale related to that place. You my friend, must find that place on the map. If you succeed, then you chose the place your mummy or daddy shall guess.




We are not afraid to travel, we are neither afraid to wander nor ramble!

We go ahead with courage as we want to explore the whole world after all.

As we are still little, our wandering shall start in a nearby land.

And who can give us an advice? Surely our friend, Taši the little traveller.




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