Dvorníky - Včeláre


The village lies in the Turnianska basin. It came into existence by a merge of two independent villages Dvorníky and Včeláre. The Blatný stream (also called the Blatnický stream, or Sárpatak), runs through the part Dvorníky connecting the village with nearby the Zádielská Gorge (Zádielská tiesňava). Včeláre has preserved their as if time has stopped classical village look until today.


· pottery and other precious treasure findings in the surroundings – local museum exhibition
· old peasant houses
· a yeoman´s curia in Včeláre whereat a mighty oak tree has already been growing for more than a hundred years
· a limestone quarry, where extraction works are still carried out until today

Several archaeological findings in this place prove that the parish of the village Dvorníky was already inhabited a long time ago. The people of Dvorníky were originally royal servants that used to work on properties of the Turniansky Castle (Turniansky hrad). The village population were occupied with agriculture and viniculture.



There are the last century utility items, which were collected in households, preserved in one of the rooms at the local Museum founded in 2002. The exhibition of archaeological findings of graves in Dvorníky and bronze treasure replicas that were found before the mouth of the Blatný Stream to the Zádielská Valley (Zádielská dolina) are in another room.

The National Nature Reserve, the Zádielská Valley, is a part of the Slovak Karst National Park (Národný park Slovenský kras). The massive krast canyon was created by the Blatný Stream. The valley is more than 400m deep and 3km long, but the rock faces widths reaches only 10m in some places. The canyon edges are surrounded by massive rock formations, out of which the most interesting one is a 105m high Sugarloaf (Cukrová homoľa) due to its shape. An interesting nature trail leads tourists through the whole gorge and up to a plateau offering a beautiful view over the landscape. The trail route is only 6km long, but an altitude difference of 350m has to be undergone in order to climb to the plateau. The sign boards familiarize tourists with natural characteristics of the eastern part of the Slovak Karst (Slovenský kras). There are eight of them with the following topics: the Zádielská Gorge (Zádielská tiesňava), Geomorphology, Flora, Fauna, Economic use of the plateaus, Prehistoric Zadiel, Limestone pavements and Forest communities.

The Zádielská Gorge (Zádielská tiesňava) is a traditional climinb spot. Being 105m high, the „sweet“ Sugarloaf is the most popular one.






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