The village lies in the western part of the Turčianska Basin (Turčianska kotlina) in the valley of the Vápenný Stream (Vápenný potok) under the Jablonovské sadle (Jablonovské sedlo) also called Soroška in the Slovak Karst National park (Národný park Slovenský kras).


  • Natural reserve the Hrušovská forest-steppe with rich flora and fauna
  • The Hrušovské ponds, in which fishing is allowed
  • Memorial to Rais Keresztely, the architect and the constructor of the road over Soroška
  • St. Anna´s chapel
  • Country house of the Andrassy Family counts

The village belonged to the royal estate of Turňa. Later it belonged to the Bebek Family from Plešivec. The inhabitants were occupied with fruit-growing, viniculture and agriculture in the past.



There are two lakes called the Hrušovské ponds situated under Soroška, the mountain pass in an idyllic ambience as if created to relax. The ponds are supposed to be several centuries old, however they disappeared in the course of time and their water soaked the entire basin and created a marshland. The ponds are maintained fishing grounds today rich in carps as well as pikes, belly floppers, zanders and eels. Waterfowl, reed warblers and ducks also live here, swans exceptionally appear too.


The Municipal Museum
The Municipal Museum was established with the help of the Csemadok organisation in the municipal culture house. Items almost daily used by the local inhabitants can be admired in this museum.

The Private Museum
A long clay village house from the beginning of the 20th century used to belong to two nuns. There is a municipal museum there today. The Museum consists of two rooms – anteroom with a kitchenette and a room. Both are furnished with antique furniture including items used by the local inhabitants at their households as well as at the farm and livestock works in the past. All the museum items are local inhabitants’ donations.

Peasant houses in Hrušov
There are houses from the beginning of the 20th century situated in the village illustrating traditional built up area of a terrace-houses type. An example of the traditional built-up area is:
- a house No 78, where a private country museum can be found
- a house No 82, serving as an accommodation facility called „ Lodging under Soroška“.


Mansion at Stork belonged to the Andrassy Family used as an occasional residence for their hunting in neighbourhood in the past. The Mansion is furnished with items and equipment at the turn of the 19th to 20th Centuries style. There are three rooms there, an entrance hall with a period stove, a kitchen and its own period, fully functional wine cellar. Today it serves as an accommodation facility.

The Gothic chapel of the 14th Century is situated at the meadow under the forest and vineyard, around 3 km away from the village of Hrušov. It belonged to the Sisters of St. Benedikt that occupied themselves with fruit, vegetable and vine growing. Religious pilgrimages after St. Anna´s day are traditionally held here once a year.

Just at a stone´s throw...

CASTLE RUINS ON THE FALCON ROCK (SOKOLÍ KAMEŇ) (according to the legend this is one of the seven castles of the Bebek family)
You can discover remains of ditches and embankments of the medieval fortress at the end of the valley of the Sokolí Stream near the village of Silická Jablonica. The Falcon Rock (Sokolia Skala) is a distinctive rock formation integrated in the complex of woods at the end of the little valley. The identically named nature reserve is located here in the surface area of 11,69 ha. A karst spring discharges at the foot of the rock and there is an opening to the Bandits Cave (Zbojnícka jaskyňa) at the northern part of the rock.






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