Jablonov nad Turňou


This wine-making village is situated under Jablonovské sadle (Soroška) in the Turnianska Basin (Turnianska kotlina) between the plateaus the Upper Hill (Dolný vrch) and the Lower Hill (Horný vrch).


  • Medieval granary called the Granary, in which a viniculture exposition is located
  • Several well-preserved traditional peasants houses
  • 100 m deep vast chasm at the plateau the Lower Hill (Dolný vrch)

The first written evidence about the village comes from the 14th Century mentioning the village as a settlement with a vicarage.



The Granary is a medieval feudal granary with the wine cellar situated in the western edge of the village Jablovov nad Turňou. It is a stone house built on stone foundations. It served as a grain granary, wine cellar as well as food and fruit storehouse in the past. The local wine was supposedly delivered as far as Vienna. The granary building belonged to the Eszterhazy Family. Nowadays the Granary is managed by the association Alma-centrum, which deals with tourism development. It offers traditional gastronomy presentation, fruit and vegetable exhibition, home-made bread baked in natural ovens and jam-making. The upper floor of the Granary provides accommodation rooms for tourists. A wine cellar is set up in the lower area providing an opportunity to taste some Turňa wines as well as the exhibition and mini museum of the Turňa viniculture. There is an oven grove with outdoor ovens for bread baking located at the Granary.

Just at a stone´s throw...

The SÁDECKÝ CASTLE (according to the legend this is one of the seven castles of the Bebek family)belonged to the most ancient castle in the area of the former Turniaska estate. Its ruins are situated in the cadastre of the Hungarian village Szögliget close to the borders, from where a nature trail leads to the castle ruins.






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