Turňa nad Bodvou


This old wine-making village lies in the western part of the Košická Basin (Košická kotlina)running out of the plain of the Slovak Karst (Slovenský kras). It used to be a county town in the past.


· Renaissance manor house of the 17th Century
· the former County House of the Classical period
· the Turniansky Castle ruins
· The Turniansky fishpond
· botanical endemism Onosma tornesis (Rumenica turnianska).


Turňa was an inhabited settlement already in the Pre Historic Period, which is proved by findings of the Bronze and Iron Periods discovered near the church. At the end of the Iron Period the first inhabitants around Turňa were miners. The first written evidence about the village is from the 13th Century.



Its ruins loom over the village Turňa nad Bodvou, on the 375 m karst hill. The castle was built after the Turkish raids in the 13th Century. The castle became uninhabited at the beginning of the 18th Century after it was burned down and conquered several times and it gradually dilapidated. The last owner imperial general Schultz had the castle demolished. The remains of the standing walls were destroyed during the II World War by the German army snipping the road leading to Košice. The outer fortification with a large round cannon bastion on the western side and three smaller bastions on the southern and eastern sides coming from the Renaissance anti-Turkish fortification and castle extension remained relatively well preserved.


The manor house was built in the 17th Century in the Renaissance style probably after a castle was demolished in 1685, presumably on the older foundations of the Magócsy family manor house. According to the local tradition the present-day preserved building was only a fortification and a farm building with housing for servants, the actual glass palace used to stand by a fishpond in the park. The manor house was a property of the several significant Hungarian Empire families, even František II. Rákoci stayed there. The building is in a very bad condition today and it was unsuitably modified several times after 1950. There is a fishpond by the manor house in the park.


The former county house of the Turňa estate county was built in the 19th Century. It is a two-storey building. There are original forged bars on the windows. There are slim gateposts with statues of siting women on the sides of the arched main gate. A relief coat of arm of the county is located above the gate.






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