A submontane village stretches on both sides on the Slaná River, in the south-eastern part of the Slovak Ore Mountain (Slovenské rudohorie).


· the Steel mill Karol – one of the first blast furnaces for iron ore processing in the Hungarian Empire

  • The Andrassy Family Manor house of 2nd half of the 18th Century
  • Historical park with fishponds by the Manor house of 2nd half of the 18th Century
  • Nobiliary ice cellar – technical monument from 2nd half of the 18th Century
  • Stone cliff “Skavka” with an amphitheatre and drinking water spring
  • Stone fortification wall around the Evangelic Church
  • Stone wells with a wooden superstructures at the public premised of the village

The mining village of Vlachovo was founded in the 14th of Century. The village was established by the Bebek Family to support mining. Later it became a property of the Andrassy Family. A member of this family “the Iron Count” Emanuel Andrassy was born in the village and built a steel mill Karol there – a significant European technical monument today.


Emanuel Andrassy, also called „the Iron Count“ was interested in processing the Gemer ore to iron suitable to rails production. A blast furnace, which lasted till today, was built by Karol´s son, Emanuel Andrassy, in 1870. He named it after his father that is why it is called Karol´s steel mill. A company “Ironworks of Emanuel Andrassy the Count” was registered by Emanuel in 1877 and Vlachovo became its seat. The blast furnace was 12 m high. The bellows were powered by two water wheels, the required temperature was reached by charcoal burning. It is a part of the exhibition of the Slovak Technical Museum (Slovenské technické museum) and it is under a complete reconstruction today.


Ice cellars used to be a part of counts´ parks once, before a fridge was discovered.
It was a simple, small stone constructions built into slopes like regular cellars, closed by an iron doors. They were fitted with strong forged hooks on their inner walls to hold the meat of shot animals. There was straw or sawdust put on the floor used for placing blocks of ice cut out at the local fishponds in winter. Thick ice blocks lasted here throughout the whole summer many times until they melted by the next winter. The reconstructed “ice cellar” in Vlachovo, to which a nature trail leads to the Manor house, served to the Andrassy Family for storing hunted animals.


The reconstructed Manor house of the Andrassy Family, in which the family used to have their estate, is situated in the place of a former curie. There is a park before the historical building, the ice cellar is behind the manor house, a prison was located in the underground cellarage of the Manor house. Currently the Manor house is divided into several parts. There is a theatrical-social room with a stage, where cultural events of the village take place. “The Andrassy dining room” in a historical style and local museum can also be found here.



Just at a stone´s throw...

There is a mining- mineralogical exhibition illustrating mining history as of the 16th Century situated in the village of Nižná Slaná. Visitors can see historical as well as present-day miners’ uniforms, mining lighting from miner´s lamps to carbide lamps. A huge geological collection holding approximately 800 minerals and samples of precious minerals from all around the world is a part of the exhibition.








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